Material Options

Right Price offers all its products in a choice of materials.


Our wide range of products are manufactured in-house using British Board of Agrément certified Eurocell UPVC profile system, which combines a very pleasing aesthetic look with excellent energy efficiency performance.

We provide UPVC products in a range of styles and colours. What’s more, as all our products are created using the same profile system, all your windows and doors can be colour matched.

The 70mm front to back dimension of the profile makes it ideally suited for new build or replacement windows, and the perfect replacement for old timber or aluminium frames. The multi chamber profile, combined with thermal inserts and glazed with 28mm planitherm/diamant, argon filled glass units, produces an ‘A’ rated energy efficient, stunning window. They can provide a U-value (thermal transmittance) as low as 0.8, keeping the warmth in and energy bills low.

In addition to providing A-rated energy efficiency, as our products are made of highly sustainable, recyclable, and re-useable PVCu material, they provide environmentally friendly solutions.

UPVC logik system

Logik system is a perfect choice for any development providing a range of window and door options.

This system is provided with a full depth eurogroove for maximum hardware compatibility.

It can accommodate both 28mm and 36mm glazing thicknesses.

Selecting our products, you can rest assured that your home is protected by robust and durable products. This system, in compliance with BS 6375-1, provides outstanding air permeability, water tightness and wind resistance.

In addition to weathering performance, our windows and doors are highly secure against forced entry. All windows are internally beaded, meaning that the glass cannot be removed from the outside. Our products are tested to PAS24 Secured by Design standards, meaning that they are resistant against attacks from opportunistic burglars.

Be it a tilt-and-turn, casement, or any other window type, you can select from three different styles of frames, including Ovolo, Chamfered and the latest design, Flush Sash.

Ovolo has a sculptured beading, providing a more traditional look to your property. Chamfered is a straight-edge style option providing a contemporary style to your window. Lastly, our new Flush sash option, with its smooth and seamless lines, provides a modern style to any property.

If you’re looking to make a real statement with your windows, basic white frames might not fit the bill. More and more homeowners are moving towards coloured UPVC to enhance the character of their property and bring out its features. We offer UPVC double glazed windows in 13 different colours and woodgrain finishes, from black through to cream, subtle Irish Oak to rich Rosewood – plus lots more options available.

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WarmCore Aluminium

WarmCore Aluminium was launched to bridge the gap between standard aluminium products, and more energy efficient UPVC. WarmCore boasts a full thermal UPVC core – which is the key to its outstanding thermal ratings – making it 25% more efficient than standard aluminium systems. Contributing to excellent thermal efficiency, this product delivers a U-value of as low as 1.3 for double glazed and 0.8 for triple glazed products.

For maximum security, WarmCore windows are provided with multi-point locking and internal beading. WarmCore doors provide extra security with their 5-point locks, which run the full length of the door sashes. What’s more, aluminium hinges and custom-made roller assemblies help to make the doors even stronger.

Providing reassurance of their enhanced security performance, WarmCore door is tested to PAS24 standards.

Powder coated, with slim frame, clean lines, and the look, strength and durability of aluminium, this product combines the best of both materials.

WarmCore system can be used for casement and tilt-and-turn windows and folding sliding and French doors. It is provided with a flush sash option, which similarly to logik’s flush sash option, brings the outer frame in line with the opening part of the window.

You can select from pure white and anthracite grey colours, as well as from two external sash styles, including pencil round and square.

When using WarmCore for doors, you can select from four external aluminium designs, as well as four threshold options and handle finishes, including matt black, brushed graphite and satin silver.

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Right Price also offers standard aluminium products, which have been long established favourite, particularly for commercial buildings, and large scale window / door installations, where slim sightlines, and maximum glazing is required. Also available in a range of colours.

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We provide a selection of composite doors with excellent durability, thanks to their high-impact Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) skin, highly accredited security features, such as multi-point locking systems, and a minimum of B-rating for energy efficiency.

Moreover, their solid timber core allows composite doors to deliver outstanding thermal insulation keeping the warmth in and the cold out. Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) skin also contribute to achieving an exceptional weatherproofing.

Irrespective of your project, in our selection of composite doors, you can find the one. You can select from 7 standard and an even larger range of premium external colours. What’s more, allowing you to design your door as unique as you wish, a range of hardware design options are available.

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