Please download our Guarantee’s, or get in touch for a hard copy.

For peace of mind, on completed installation, all windows and doors carry a 10-year, insurance-backed guarantee, backed by the GGFI. Our chosen insurer – GGFi is the market leader in Home Improvement cover and prides itself on providing homeowners with policies that offer guaranteed protection and peace of mind on their investments.

Right Price is a FENSA registered company, meaning we are officially certified and governed by the FENSA scheme, allowing us to self-certify all relevant work, with compliance to current thermal performance and Building Regulations. A FENSA certificate will be sent out on completion of work, which is a requirement when selling or renting a property in the future

UPVC Guarantee

Eurologik Product Guarantee

dales collection product guarantee

Dales Full Guarantee

Aspect Product Guarantee

Composite Warranty

Eurologik Casement DG Standard

Eurologik Casement TG Standard

Eurologik French TG Slim

EuroLogik Residoor DG Slim