Door Hinges

Our selection of PVCu single and French doors are available with a variety of hinge options.

For single doors, 3 hinges, and for French doors, 6 hinges are used from the options below.

Pro Secure Door Hinge

Pro Secure door hinges are the only one piece, ready-to-fit hinge options on the market. It offers a patended adjustment method – rotate your Allen key 90° to achieve +/-5mm lateral adjustment. What’s more, vertical adjustment (+5mm) & compression adjustment (+/-1mm) can also be achieved. This product also offers two installation options, including a lift-on option using Glider technology – fix the Glider to the frame and slide on the hinge. The other option is to front-lift by removing the steel hinge pin. It can be used with a maximum sash weight of up to 160 kg.

We provide this product with 22mm rebate and in colours of white, cream, polished chrome, satin chrome, smokey chrome,  anthracite, silk grey, cement grey, polished gold, light oak, brown and black.

Evolution MK2

Evolution MK2 flag hinge consists of a 15/18mm sash part and cover, and a frame part. It offers a 3-dimensional adjustment – lateral (+/- 4mm), vertical (+4mm) & compression (+/-1mm) for easy installation. This product is installed with an Allen key without the need to get off the door leaf. It can be used for a maximum sash weight of 80 kg (with 2 hinges).

We provide this product in colours of grey, white, gold and chrome.