Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

Our UPVC vertical sliding sash windows incorporate the elegance of traditional sash windows and state-of-the-art technology providing a timeless solution to homeowners in Plymouth, Devon, Cornwall and the wider South West UK area.

Highly Secure

Our sash windows feature a variety of security details; such as modern locks and internal glazing available in different thicknesses. Therefore, you can rest assured that our windows provide protection to your home.

Excellent Soundproofing

Thanks to their market leading glazing, our sash windows offer outstanding acoustic performance and insulation for noise. That is to say, if you live by a busy road or town centre, our windows can help to reduce the noise by around 50%. For properties in extremely noisy areas, such as close to train lines or motorways, a variety of acoustic glazing upgrades offer an additional 15% noise reduction.

vertical sliding sash window from close

High Energy Efficiency

Their high quality multi-chambered profiles and high performance double glazing allow our sash windows to provide A-rated energy efficiency. Therefore, selecting our sash windows can help to prevent cold from entering and heat from escaping your home. So you can enjoy a warm home and save money on your heating bills.

Wide Range of Styles

When it comes to design, you can select from a variety of colour, glazing, astragal bar, sash horn and other optional features. This way, your windows can match the styles of Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian, or provide a completely unique design.

Tilt & Slide Functionality

Our sash windows feature tilt & slide functionality as standard, allowing you to effortlessly clean and maintain your windows by tilting the sashes inwards.

Choose Your Design

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sash window?

Sash windows are vertically, or sometimes horizontally, opening windows consisting of two window sashes. Sash windows don’t operate on hinges. Instead, the window sashes sit in a frame with vertical grooves allowing them to slide up and down.

We offer modern UPVC sash windows that, in addition to sliding vertically, slide and tilt, allowing the sashes to tilt inwards to assist cleaning.

What are sash windows made of?

Sash windows used to be made exclusively of timber. Nowadays, a wider range of materials, including UPVC, aluminium and different types of woods, provide more possibilities.

The sash windows we offer are made of high quality UPVC. However, they perfectly match the look of timber sash windows, allowing you to match them to your existing timber windows. This way, you cannot only maintain the original style of your property, but also increase its security and thermal efficiency.

How long do UPVC windows last?

The lifespan of UPVC windows depends on many factors, such as the location of the property. On average, they last around 20-25 years.

All our products come with a ten-year insurance-backed guarantee (subject to T&C’s).

What colours are available for vertical sliding sash windows?

Our sash windows are available in a wide range of colours, including woodgrain options, jet black, anthracite, slate and many more.

To view all our colours, click on any of the sash window collections, and scroll down to the ‘Colours’ section.

What colour is the inside of the sash windows?

Sash windows can be either white on the inside or can be coloured to match the the external colour.

To view our colour options, click on any of the sash window collections we offer, and scroll down to the ‘Colours’ section.

What styles are available for sash windows?

We offer vertical sliding sash windows in three styles, including Charisma Rose, Heritage Rose and Ultimate Rose.

What glass options are sash windows available with?

You can select from clear, patterned, special, acoustic and toughened and laminated safety (bot sashes or only the lower sash) glass options.

Do sash windows stick?

Although timber windows tent to start sticking after a period of time, the UPVC sash windows we offer are created to function smoothly for longer.

Do the colour of your sash windows fade over time?

No. When our UPVC sash windows are coloured, stabilisers and modern extrusion techniques are used to prevent them from fading.

How can I get a quote for a sash window?

Simply choose your sash window style, colour and glass choice by selecting from our extensive range available here . You can get a free quote by filling in our quote form.

or by emailing us at with:

  • Your contact details & address
  • Details of what you are looking for
  • Rough measurements
  • Pictures of the existing items

If you need help with your quote request, feel free to call us at 01752 344 052.

What is the maximum size of sash windows?

The maximum size varies based on which sash window style you select.

Ultimate Rose & Heritage Rose sash windows

  • Maximum width: 1500mm
  • Maximum height: 3000mm

Charisma Rose sash windows

  • Maximum width: 1600mm
  • Maximum height: 2400mm

Do you install sash windows near me?

Our factory is located in Estover, Plymouth. We supply and install sash windows in Plymouth, Devon, Cornwall and many other locations across South West UK.

What is the lead time for supply and fit sash windows?

On average, supply and fit services for sash windows has a lead time of around 6-12 weeks from the date of the survey.

Please note; the lead time can vary due to unforeseen circumstances.

What is the lead time for supply only sash windows?

On average, our supply only service for sash windows has a lead time of around 2-3 weeks from the date of the order being placed and payment made.

Please note; the lead times can vary due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you still have a question, feel free to send us a message.