Window Restrictors

We provide window restrictors, limiting window openings to a maximum of 100mm, obtaining compliance with BS EN 14351 regulations.

Window Restrictor Hook & Eye

Our PVCu windows are available with left – or right-handed enhanced restrictor catch options, which automatically engage their 11.5mm stud plates when closing. They are offered for both in- and outward opening windows, giving a maximum of 50mm opening for ventilation and child protection.

Restrictor Hinge

Restrictor hinges are provided in left- or right-hand side hung versions, and in lengths of 12 and 16 inch, restricting the opening position of windows to a maximum of 100mm for safety. They have a stack height of 17mm.

We offer a selection of restrictor hinges specifically for egress, egress easy clean and mega egress friction stay options.

Restrictor hinges are available for windows with a maximum width of 600mm.

Cable Restrictor

Our 20cm-long cable restrictors can provide an opening of up to 100 mm. As the unit is lockable, it allows windows to be fully opened. Therefore, it can be used on fire escape windows (if the key is kept in easy reach).

This product is in compliance with EN 16281 requirements.