Replacement Flat Panels

If your door panel has failed, or just needs updating, we can provide replacement flat panels or decorative panels.

Replacement panels for doors or windows can be manufactured with the following options:

Panel depth:
Replacement panels units are available in
22mm, 24mm, 26mm, 28mm,
See information below for details.

Cat or dog flap:
Replacement flat panels can provided with a hole in it for a cat / dog flap. Please provide the cut size for the dog/ cat flap.

Please note, we cannot guarantee a colour match to the existing window or door, as all profile providers have varying colours, including various shades of white.


When ordering replacement flat panels, we need to know the width, height and the depth of the panel.

Replacement panels for our doors or windows are:
28mm in depth, as standard.

Common sizes in other windows or doors are;
or older windows could be smaller.

As well as flat panels, we offer decorative UPVC panels in a wide range of styles.

Please note, pet flaps cannot be installed in decorative panels, they are only suitable for flat panels.

We cannot guarantee a colour match to any existing door, as all UPVC door frames vary in colour, including various shades of white.

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