UPVC Doors

Our in-house manufactured UPVC front and back doors are available in a range of colours and styles providing a bespoke solution to homes across Plymouth and South West UK.

Quality at an affordable price

PVCu doors can be an affordable solution for any back or front door and can be customised to suit your style and budget.

Highly durable

PVCu is a highly robust and adaptable material, and, therefore, is highly waterproof, colour stable, as well as resistant to everyday knocks and scratches.

High Thermal Efficiency

Our PVCu doors are protected by Heat Reflective Technology; their heat reflective surface provides outstanding thermal insulation, blocking noise and heat from entering or escaping your home.

Environmentally Friendly Choice

Selecting UPVC doors not only benefit you, but also the environment.

UPVC door panels are created with a core that is free from ozone depleting components, such as CFC (chlorofluorocarbons) and HCFC (hydrochlorofluorocarbons).

What’s more, UPVC is a highly recyclable material, which can be repurposed up to 10 times. The average lifespan of a UPVC product is 35 years, meaning that UPVC can offer up to 350 years of performance with minimal impact on the environment (Findings of Building Research Establishment).

UPVC Door Styles

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UPVC Door Design Inspirations

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does uPVC stand for?

UPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, and it is a robust material that doors and windows are made from.

How long do PVCU doors last?

uPVC doors are very robust and uPVC does not degrade over time with normal use. The material can be cleaned up easily to look new for a very long time. With the correct maintenance they can last for 30 years plus.

All our products come with a ten-year insurance-backed guarantee (subject to T&C’s)

What are the glass options for UPVC doors?

We offer a wide range of glass design options with our PVCU doors. Click on any of our PVCU door styles to view some of our options or look at some design inspirations.

What is the best colour for a UPVC door?

Although there is a range of colour options for UPVC doors, the most popular choice is white, as it matches both traditional and modern doors and buildings. In terms of cost, white is also the more cost effective option. Other popular colours include anthracite grey, chartwell green and rosewood.

To see all our colour options, please click on any of our PVCU door styles.

What colour is the inside of the PVCU doors?

As standard all doors are white on the inside, or if the door is coloured on the outside (Rosewood, Chartwell green, black) the inside of the door can also be colour matched to the outside at an additional cost.

Can I get a UPVC side panels?

Yes, our UPVC doors can be installed with matching UPVC side panels, or glazed side panels. View our PVCU door side screen options.


Can you fit a new UPVC door without replacing the frame?

If we are replacing an existing front or back door in your home, it is not possible to just change the door without also replacing the door frame.

What finish will be used when you replace my UPVC door?

When installing new doors, we fix any damage that results from replacing the old doors. Find out more about our trimming options.

Are UPVC doors cheaper than composite doors?

UPVC doors provide excellent energy efficiency, and security. They are also generally the more cost effective option, as they are not as costly as composite doors.

What is the price of a UPVC door?

The price of PVCU doors depends on the size, colour and style you select. To receive an accurate price, please fill in our online quote form.

How can I get a quote for a UPVC door?

Simply choose your door style, colour and glass choice by selecting from our extensive range available here .You can get a free quote by filling in our quote form.

or by emailing us at quotes@rightpricewindows.co.uk with:

  • Your contact details & address
  • Details of what you are looking for
  • Rough measurements
  • Pictures of the existing items

If you need help with your quote request, feel free to call us at 01752 344 052.

Can UPVC doors be made to measure?

Our uPVC doors are manufactured to bespoke sizes. However, they do all have a ‘minimum size and maximum size’.

What are the minimum and maximum sizes of UPVC doors?

To find out what the minimum and maximum UPVC door dimensions are, select on any of our UPVC door styles and scroll to the ‘Door Size’ section.

What styles are available for PVCU doors?

We offer a wide range of styles and designs: View our design options.

How do I maintain the quality of my UPVC door?

UPVC doors are very low maintenance and can be kept well-maintained by simply washing them with warm soapy water and a lint-free cloth and then drying them with a soft cloth. It is also recommended to oil hardware once or twice a year.

Find out more.

Are uPVC doors easy to break into?

UPVC doors are very safe and secure. We can offer uPVC doors that have been Security tested, which means that they are tested on their security performance providing resistance against an attack from an opportunistic burglar. Find out more about our PAS24 Security testing

Do you manufacture and install UPVC doors?

Yes, we manufacture our PVCU doors in our factory and install them at locations across the South West of UK. We also provide supply only services.

Do you install UPVC doors near me?

Our factory is located in Estover, Plymouth, but we supply and install our windows and doors in Plymouth, Devon, Cornwall and many other locations across South West UK.

What is the lead time for a supply and fit uPVC door?

On average, supply and fit services for uPVC doors has a lead time of around 6-12 weeks from the date of the survey.

Please note; the lead time can vary due to unforeseen circumstances.

What is the lead time for a supply only uPVC door?

On average, our supply only service for uPVC doors has a lead time of around 2-3 weeks from the date of the order being placed and payment made.

Please note; the lead times can vary due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you still have a question, feel free to send us a message.