Trickle Vents

Our PVCu windows and French doors are offered with a range of ventilation options.

Our selection of rounded Framevent window ventilator consists of 5000mm2 and 2500mm2 equivalent area models, complying with Approved Document F 2010. They are tested to BS EN1026 and 1027:2000 weather performance standards and achieve a water tightness limit of 400 p.a.

We provide vents in length sizes of 300mm, 400mm and 420mm.

300mm vents are used for PVCu windows with a width of less than 600mm. This size of vent is available in white, Chartwell green and grey outer and white inner (dual colour) colours.

400mm vents are suitable for window with a width of more than 600mm. They are available in two colours, including bright white and white inner and grey outer (dual colour).

For new build development, we also provide 420mm-long vents in standard white colour.