Select a colour & hardware for your Composite Four Edwardian with Murano Blue door.

Door Size

WIDTH   – Min: 860mm.   Max: 1024mm
HEIGHT – Min: 2031mm. Max: 2131mm

(Size including any additional cills and add-ons)

For sizes outside of the minimum/maximum dimensions stated above, please contact us.
To increase width/ height - frame extenders can be used (sizes - 15mm, 25mm, 50mm)
Doors can be also installed with a 'toplight' (glazed section to the top) or sidescreen(s) (glazed or panelled section to the side)


Our composite doors are available in the colours below, or any custom RAL number if required.  The door frame is also available in coloured options. As standard all doors are white on the inside or can also be coloured at an additional cost.

Standard Colours






Standard Plus Colours

Anthracite Grey

Chartwell Green



Premium Colours

Premium Sprayed Colour Service provides a wide range of colour options to complement your glass designs and hardware options.

Buttercup Yellow

Candy Red


Duck Egg

Dusty Grey

Pastel Blue

Pastel Violet

Peacock Blue

Pigeon Blue

Powder Blue

Purple Violet

Reed Green

Silk Grey

Slate Grey

Traffic Blue

Door, frame, glass and hardware colours are for presentation purposes only and can vary due to the limitations of screen resolutions and colours

Hardware Options

Door Handles

You can choose between lever/lever and lever/pad handles, which both feature anti-snap cylinder protection.

Contemporary Range

When selecting your composite door, you can choose quality stainless steel door furniture in various designs, styles and sizes, including architectural pull handles (short 800mm, medium 1200mm or long 1800mm), curved handles
(horizontal or vertical), door knobs, and escutcheons (with or without finger pull).

Heritage Range

Irrespective of the door style you select, you can complement your new composite door with the antique black hardware of the Heritage range. This range consists of matching letterplates, lever/lever (Heritage or Swan) and lever/pad handles, decorative door knobs, bullring knockers, and escutcheons (with or without finger pull).


You can select from chrome letterplates in a wide range of colours, as well as stainless steel letterplates in either brushed or polished colour.


Composite doors can be completed with a variety of urn knockers, slimline urn knockers, scroll knockers, and oval knockers, in a range of colours.

Urn knockers are available in colours of chrome, black, white, gold, brightbronze, graphite, brushed stainless steel and polished stainless steel.

Slimline urn knockers are available in chrome, black, white, gold, bright bronze and graphite.

Scroll knockers are offered in chrome, black, white and gold.

In case of oval knockers, there are three colours oto select from, including chrome, balck and gold.


When it comes to hinges, you can choose from Challenger hinge, which is fitted as standard, and SFS hinge, which is an optional upgrade.

Challenger hinge is available in white, brown, chrome and gold colours.

SFS hinge is offered in colours of chrome, matt chrome, balck, white, gold, brown and anthracite grey.


When selecting your composite door, your can complement it with a range of viewer options.